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While tire maintenance is important wherever you might live, Floridians—blessed with a beautiful, yet sometimes extreme, climate—have extra considerations to think about.

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While tire maintenance is important wherever you might live, Floridians—blessed with a beautiful, yet sometimes extreme, climate—have extra considerations to think about.

Keeping your vehicle safe and roadworthy in Florida naturally has the same requirements as other states across the US.

Hurricane season is an inevitable element of our yearly weather cycle.

The name of Jiffy Lube is synonymous with oil changes. But how much is it going to cost you?

Jiffy Lube introduced its Multicare model in 2018, providing the nation with a much-needed, cost-effective alternative to car maintenance.

Jiffy Lube turned the car maintenance game on its head when they introduced their famous oil change service in 1971.

If you live in a warm climate, then you know the importance of correctly functioning car air conditioning.

Let’s face it, changing (or topping up) your car’s motor oil isn’t only a bit of a chore, but it’s a pretty messy one as well…

Your car’s engine is a dynamic system, meaning that smooth motoring depends on all the elements within it working at optimal levels.

Garages across the country vary wildly in the service they provide, value for money, and quality of work. One aspect of this is a free top off policy.

Thankfully, you don’t ever have to look far for a great value, fast, expert oil change—no matter where you live.

A correctly-functioning car engine runs at a warm temperature. While it naturally fluctuates according to the weather, driving style, speed, and other nuances, this temperature must remain within normal operating conditions.

The heart of your car’s engine is the battery. This innocuous-looking box is what provides the power to start the vehicle every time you turn the ignition key (or, to be more accurate with modern vehicles, push the start button).

Car engines and associated components have a variety of fluids contained within their structure. While these liquids remain in situ, the car should run and perform as intended. However, if there’s an issue with the integrity of a closed system, it can spring a leak. 

Engine oil is a crucial component of optimal operation. Without oil, the metal parts that make up the complex engine geometry would heat up within mere minutes, causing the whole system to seize and fail.

If you spot the warning signals early, most car radiator problems can be easily fixed. The following discusses what you need to look out for (and make no mistake, some of them can be very, very subtle to begin with…).

An engine consists of a variety of belts and hoses, each of which has a finite lifespan. Over time, these wear and need replacing. This makes regular inspection essential to ensure that there’s no sudden breakage or excessive wear that disrupts functionality.

So you’re coming up on 12,000 miles of travel or your vehicle is experiencing faulty brake support, and you decide it’s time for a brake check.

Habits are something that creeps upon us. Suddenly we’ve adopted particular behaviors that we’re not even aware of, something that’s especially true when it comes to driving.

While we all can most likely figure out for ourselves that a burning smell coming from our car isn’t a good thing, we may not know the exact location the odor is coming from.

Credibly innovate granular internal or organic sources whereas high standards house.

Today, this essential car maintenance is still the heart of their services, with their Signature Oil Change being at the core of many people’s vehicle maintenance needs.

Whether you’re in warmer or colder climates, the air conditioner is among the most important components for your vehicle.


Jiffy Lube is an American brand of automotive oil change specialty shops founded in Utah, United States, in 1971. It has been a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell since 2002, and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.


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